Simplicity, creativity and quality

I’m Madalina, a front-end web developer, focusing on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, with a passion for interaction design.

I work with companies, delivering websites or frontend for apps for start-ups, small and medium businesses, as well as work as an outsourcing collaborator to various web, design and marketing agencies.

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UX research

I help the business with competition research, with the product development phase, field studies, prototypes and concept testing.

UI design

UI for landing pages, websites, dashboards, apps, following ethical guidelines, and designing for universal access. Usability bug review.

Front-End implementation

I implement the design pixel-perfect, I make responsive website, with valid code. SEO can be included.


I worked with Madalina at Paybilla. She managed the entire UX/UI and Frontend-development aspects of the product. I was amazed since day one by her skills and the speed of implementation.

I truly believe that Madalina is one of the best Frontend Developers that I worked with. Her vast experience, skills-set, focus and vision are vital for a company that wants to have modern UI/UX development for their products. She is also a very trustworthy person, punctual and a pleasant colleague.

Cristian Fieraru, backend developer at Paybilla, via Linkedin

It was a pleasure working with Madalina. Out of few designers we have shortlisted, we have decided to work with Madalina as her style, creativity, responsiveness and work ethics were exceptional. She has delivered to deadlines and gone above and beyond her scope to satisfy changing requirements.

She has a very good eye for colour and proportions, her style is very clean and professional. I would gladly recommend her for any web UI project.

Ivi Olszewska, UX Designer, via Linkedin

Madalina is one of the best front-end developers I have ever met. If you are interested in implementing your project, she is the one you are searching for.

Clean code, professionalism, work ethics, organizational skills, she has all the attributes you can think of to get the job done. I highly recommend her!

Ayhan Bari, Founder & CEO, via Linkedin

Enjoyed very much to work together with Madalina on our newest Kiosk User Interface (UI) project for the Eventos family of automated retail solutions.

She is very talented when it comes to best use of color combinations and well though user experience. Also we must mentioned, that all screens have been delivered on time and we learned new tools away of such which we have used for years un-changed. Allways good to learn new things.

We only can recommend Madalina as a great screen UI designer.

Juergen Weber, CEO at Vitality Handels - und Dienstleistungs GmbH, via Linkedin

Madalina knows her stuff! She's passioned about front-end engineering and always reading about trends in web development. She has a keen eye for good design and that made my job easier.

I highly recommend her skills and I'm lucky for having a chance to work with her. Oh, she also has a great Dribbble portfolio ;)

Sorin Stefan, Sr Designer, via Linkedin

Madalina implemented the HTML & SASS for our new web projects. She followed our wishes regarding style and standards and at the same time she made good creative decisions and optimized the existing code.

She works quickly, communicates well and she is able to implement advanced website features. I can highly recommend her.

Liviu Ciulinaru Full Stack JavaScript, Unified Practice, via Linkedin